Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Reads

I have a tendency to feel whatever anyone I am close to feels. At least as best as you can without experiencing it for yourself. It's kinda nice. So if something great happens to you and you tell me about it, I feel like I would if it just happened to me. Really it's true. If you're happy I'll be happy with you, and if your heart is breaking, well watch out cause my tears will start flowing too.
This makes reading a real escape into whatever fantasy land I decide to read about. The author just has to be mildly entertaining and I'll be feeling whatever story they are telling. Because of this, I LOVE to read, and I will always have something I have just started or just finished. Rarely will you find me in the middle of anything, once I start I'm in it to the finish.

Book club is just a great excuse to get my friends together for lunch and visit, and if I'm lucky they will actually have read the same book as me and we can chat about it. Our book club has been on a bit of a break, but we're getting going again. There are just a few of us who really read though. We are looking for a few more "real readers".

Last week we met at my house to eat and make plans for the upcoming year. I love getting together with these ladies and sharing stories and good food. Good times are guaranteed to be had by all!

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GREENLAW said...

i'm a real reader!!! looks like fun!