Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So Shoe Me!

Little Brynne has been doing a bit of growing lately, FINALLY! It does have its draw backs though. She has just recently outgrown ALL of these shoes.

And ALL of these ones too. And while I miss the darling knee high brown boots, and so loved those cute little navy polka dot flats, and the brown flip flops with all the cute beads were such favorites, I know I can find others to replace them eventually. What I didn't imagine is the ones I wouldn't be able to find a replacement for are these ones!

Who knew REAL red dress shoes could be so hard to find? If you have found any this year spill the beans!


shelleyv said...

OK someone was has a shoe addiction. Those are the cutest shoes. I hope you are going to give them to a good home. They look like they have hardly been worn. It is going to someone's lucky Day!

haley said...

I found cute ones at Target. Hope it helps!