Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

There has always been something about the dark and gloomy days of winter that makes me happy. I love big chunky sweaters and boots. I would own 30 coats if my budget would allow it. Scarves and hats are just plain fun. Christmas scented candles and fuzzy slippers are bliss. My fireplace and a good book warm me from the inside out. Is there anyone who can resist a mug of Stevens Mint hot chocolate with tons of marshmellows? I love coming home to the smell and ease of food cooking in my crockpot. I like to see my warm breath blowing out in puffy white clouds into the cold night air. I think my fleece sheets are heavenly.

There is something that stirs deep within me when it is storming outside. I love running through the rain. I like to put on my rain boots and grab an umbrella and just wander aimlessly outside just lost in thought. I like the way the rain sounds as it hits the windshield and roof of my car. I LOVE sitting in the hot tub while it rains or snows all around me. I like it best when I can hear the rain landing outside my windows. Sometimes this means opening them just a crack. The scent of rain is one of my favorites. On a rainy evening you can almost always find me curled up like a cat, by the window and the fireplace, with a book. I could just sit and stare out the window watching it soaking into everything for hours.

Winter also brings some the best holidays. Celebrating the birth of The Savior is the most obvious one, but I also enjoy the fanfare that comes with it. I love the piano recitals, cookie exchanges, parties, and the beautiful lights. I actually enjoy the hustle and bustle of the shopping. I enjoy finding something just right for each person on my list, or the quirky white elephant gifts. I love the time with family, the nativity story and christmas carols. New Years usually involves lots of friends and family, games and on a good year dancing. What's not to love?

The forecast this week is promising freezing temperatures, bucket loads of rain, and possible snow. My social calendar includes activity days with the cutest bunch of 8-11 yr old girls you've ever met, a piano recital, book club, a fireside, BYU vs Fresno State basketball game, and a christmas party. Last week was just a bunch of yuck. I am ready to march into winter wonderland. Here's to hoping for some rain on my parade!

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