Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And the Party Continues...

May 7th is a big day at our house.  It's Jeff and Garretts birthday.  
Garrett asked if I would get up early enough to go out to breakfast with him, so at 6:30 we showed up at Batter Up Pancakes.  Garrett told them it was his birthday and before they even brought out his breakfast he was served up a birthday berries and cream with a candle.
He documented the beginning of our day for the Instagram world with the above picture
He was cracking me up as he discussed the awesomeness of his baby burrito. When we left as our waitress wished him a Happy Birthday, he politely responded,"Thanks, you too! Wait...I mean Thanks! It's not your birthday too right?"  
Jeff Garrett and I were going to have a lunch date, but when Jeff's staff surprised him with an office party Garrett decided on a Taco Bell delivery instead.  Cute kid is always grateful for anything I do.  Always makes it enjoyable to do things for him.
While I was having a camp meeting that afternoon at our house and he was off at the gym he got a sweet delivery from a few friends.  What little boy doesn't want a helicopter for his birthday anyway?!
After a yummy dinner at dog house my two anti-cake boys opted for strawberry shortcake for their birthday.  And of course blowing out the candles was anything but traditional.  
Garrett decided he was going to suck the air away from his candle instead of blow it out. He burned his lip and entertained us in the process.  That guys has the most fun sense of humor and can always get me laughing. He is so much fun to be around!
Jeff says his best birthday present ever came on his 30th birthday and I couldn't agree more! 
Love my birthday boys!

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