Monday, May 20, 2013

Mom=The Best Job Ever!

Mothers Day started with this crew coming in to take my order for breakfast in bed.  
It got even better when I didn't have to worry about getting everyone else ready for church and we were even on time!! Wes was one of the three speakers and he gave such a sweet talk.  I was a proud Mama.

 After church my dad, Jeff and the kids completely took care of dinner. As in I did absolutely nothing, except walk myself out to this beautiful patio and sit myself down in a chair.  Truly lovely.  This no work deal may be old hat to some of you, but this is the first time I can ever remember really doing zero work on Mothers Day, and I have to say, it was pretty dreamy.
 Jeff, who always hates trying to figure out what to buy for me, decided to have a little fun with the purchasing and got me a gag gift so that I could return it and just get whatever I really wanted.  He bought a Ninja 2000 Super Duper Crock pot.  He thought it was pretty funny, but  I thought the crock pot was actually pretty cool. But then he told me how much he spent on that was funny.  I returned it.  
 What I didn't take back though, were all these sweets Jeff also loaded me up with. It was exactly what my waistline needed after my recent Oreo binge, but I just took it to mean that he likes me a little thick in the middle and dug right in.  I did leave it all in the kitchen though so I could have some "help" with eating it all.  Thank goodness for a house full of boys!  I think it all disappeared without too much damage done.
The real sweet treat of the day though were my notes from my kids.
  I love these kids with all of my heart and am grateful everyday to be their mom.   Maybe not every minute of every day and not usually all of them at once, but at least once a day I have a moment with at least one of my kids that makes me certain that my job is the best there is in the whole wide world.  My kids make me proud of them in the way they handle themselves, treat others, take responsibility, work hard, open themselves to learning and growth.  They inspire me with their faith, honesty, testimonies, and goodness.  My heart swells for them in their successes, and breaks for their heartaches. They are the reason for most of my worries, and plenty of my frustration. They are the cause of my greatest joys, biggest laughs, and happiest moments. They are my world.
*In the spirit of keeping it real around here though, check out this hilarious video about mom's loving every minute of their jobs as moms...

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