Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wanted: Motivation

"I seem to have lost my motivation, if you see it let me know. In the mean time I'll start looking for it in here..."  -Jen Bohn via Instagram this morning

 My plan was to head to the gym as soon as I finished dropping off the kids from the carpool around 7:30, but I was totally not feeling that gym vibe yet. I came home and took care of a few more things and decided to grab my book to read on the elliptical so maybe I could distract myself from my headache and sniffles I woke up with.  I got as far as the gym parking lot, but then Tara started texting me and I decided it was a great excuse to just stay in the car a little longer...then Jeff started sending me messages and I sat a bit longer.  I just sat there looking at the gym and not wanting anything to do with it.  Finally I took a handful of Advil grabbed my book and went in.  I lasted a whopping 2 miles and decided I was just over it.  And then I passed by Judy's donuts on my way home.  And then I turned around and pulled right up.  Go big or go home?  I guess I was opting for the "go big". I decided to share my morning sucess story on all the social networks, absolutely certain everyone I'm friends with totally cared that I am pretty much turning into Miss Piggy.  But the best part is that I have some pretty dang funny friends so instead of hating myself just a little for those donuts, I spent my morning laughing.

 What was Natalie talking about? Oreo's for breakfast? Yeah, well that was yesterday's news

I think I'm on a roll...pun intended.  It's pretty much perfect timing with swimsuit season just starting and all.  I totally wish that fat was the new black. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Except that it's not.  I'm going running tonight, and crossing my fingers I can break out of this slump right quick so I don't have to start having everyone call me "Fat Jen" like Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect.  Cause that would be lame. Maybe a little funny, but mostly not.  Yeah definitely needing to go for a run...

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