Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Senior Ditch Day!

Last Friday was Senior Ditch Day at Buchanan High School. Yeah, I know I'm not in high school anymore but I might know a few kids who are.  One of them called me Thursday night and asked if I knew what sounded fun.  Of course I did, but I indulged her and said what. "You taking me and my friends out on the lake for Senior Ditch Day tomorrow!"  
Yep that did sound fun! You don't really have to twist my arm to get me out to the lake.
 We got the boat cleaned up that night and ready for the first trip out of 2013!
 It was a gorgeous day! We just had one minor hiccup, the accessory battery on the boat was dead so we couldn't blow up the tubes!  They guys made a quick trip up to the car to blow it up and we were on our way!
 Dakota kept us continually entertained!  From climbing all over everyone on the tube and eventually tossing Kailey off, to his choice of serious reading material, we all got some dang good laughs!
I thought it was hilarious when he pulled out his lunch and offered to share.  A whole rotisserie chicken and some Scooby Snacks!  
We drove up the river a ways and found some great rocks to jump off of.
I let Wes ditch school too even though he's only a sophomore, so he could come help me with the boat.  
 When everyone had their fill with the tube we pulled out the wake board.  Wes was doin' work! Landed his first back flip of the season and got some great jumps in too!
We wrapped things up a little earlier than planned when Kailey knocked her head with the wakebord.  She took a few more turns afterwards and finally decided to call it quits. She's one tough cookie! When she got back into the boat Wes noticed she was bleeding.  One look and I knew she needed stitches! Luckily we know a guy.  He's sewn up a few heads in the last year for the exact same reason!  He and his wife interrupted their date night to help out the Hankes crew.
 In spite of our rocky ending, Kristie and I had a blast with these awesome kids!  It's crazy to me that they will all be gone next year. They will definitely be missed!

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