Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lots to Love

I've had lots to love lately!

Loved ending my day at Tokoyo Steak House Tepanyaki. Loved that I made it there safely in spite of the fearless and reckless racing done between Jeff and Aaron en route.
Love that my sister and Jason were visiting again 
Love that Kristi and I didn't get burned while I was busy showing her a picture taking app on my phone.  Laughed so hard at the video Aaron took of my acrobatics getting away from the flames. 
Love that the birthday package we had determined was lost after several weeks in the mail finally showed up for Miss Brynne from Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Teddy.
Loved all the adorable little gifts that were crammed inside that box.  Especially this darling dress Brynne wore to church the next Sunday.
Love that even though several of us were sick I still made it out to Sunnyvale to be there when Sterling and Katie blessed their new baby boy.  Especially loved watching Brynne mother her little cousin Pheobe.  
Senior ditch day round two, Garrett's birthday party, my sister in town, and a baby blessing out of town.  Busy, busy, busy weekend but totally loved it all! 

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