Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St George BABY!!!!

 On Monday I checked the St George Marathon website about a gazillion times. The results for the lottery letting you know if you are one of the 7600 that get to run in the race were being posted at some point.  
 I was super pumped to see that I had gotten in.  Then I saw that the whole crew that I trained with last summer and entered into the lottery had gotten in too!  I was about as happy as I was when I crossed the finish line last year!
It means I can count on another summer of running with these fools! Marlon will cut up fresh fruit for us to eat after our long runs on Saturday.  He and Andrew will be stuck being my water boys for another few months.  Nick will continue to blow us away. We will be on the lookout for Bruce's missing gerbil and Marlon's height challenged cousin.  Names like Kabob, Ninja, Haskins, Flutterbutt, Carrott, Featherhead, and Cookie Monster will continue to fly through cyberspace.

And when we get too tired to continue on we will always have a friend on the ready to pull our rickshaw!
Andrew posted the picture below on FB sharing his news at getting in to the marathon.  Then he tagged the picture with the rest of the running crew's names.  I made a snarky remark about which runner was going be me.
Tonight Marlon sent me a message telling me which chick I should really be.   The one in the bright yellow shirt on page 4 of the 2013 St George Marathon Runners guide...
Okay fine I'll be her.  Does this make me famous? Probably I 'll have to start signing autographs.  They'll roll out the red carpet for me when I arrive at the Expo.  Next thing you know they'll be asking me to speak at the convention. Pretty much the possibilities are endless!! Really though, I am super excited to run this race again.  I am looking forward to training with my friends.  My sister Tara and her hubs Jason are BOTH going to be running and our good friends Talli and Jeremy are BOTH also running this year.  Jeff has even decided he wants to run in it too!  I found a charity spot that he can purchase if he decides he's going to have the time to train.  I have my doubts but he seems pretty determined.  It's going to be a PARTY in St George this year and I am looking forward to it!! Out with the Oreo's and in with the early morning runs!

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