Thursday, May 9, 2013


The Brynne Bonanza continued this past weekend, starting off with a dance recital
Dressed in western duds and surrounded by some of her favorite big girls Brynne was ready to show us her moves!
The routine performed to Footloose was fast paced and Brynne was constantly practicing in her room listening to the song over and over, determined to get it just right.
 So when the time came to hit the stage she was prepared enough to just get out there and have fun.  I love this genuine smile on her face mid routine
 I had to get a picture of her little booty in this outfit.  When she saw the back pockets of these shorts she adamantly declared them to be THE cutest shorts she had ever seen.
 The next purchase was what Brynne called a "real cowgirl's belt".  It came from Boot Barn, was totally blinged out, complete with ponies all around it, and a big buckle.  She LOVES this belt.
 She also loved this routine and would proudly show me each new move as she had it mastered
 But I think her favorite part was that ending pose!
 Trying to get the whole class together for a picture was pretty comical and I just had to include this picture showing how everyone was definitely not on the same page here, still looking adorable.
But if I thought that was bad, our family's attempt at a group shot was a complete joke! 
I did get lots of pictures of Brynne with many of the members of her fan club though.
 Nan came down from Livermore for Brynnes big day
 This one with Peyton cracks me up.
Cute Clara and Brynne always have one of my favorite pictures after each recital
I loved watching Brynne leap into Garrett's arms as soon as she saw him.  
I think by this time her little face was sore from smiling, but Brynne couldn't believe that Tara and her kids had come all the way back from Utah again just to be here on her special day.  She asked me more than once, "So is the only reason they really came to see me at my recital and baptism? There isn't anything else?" Nope there was nothing else. That was reason enough.
Some of my favorite members of the audience right here.  What I really wish I could show you was Lauren's "graceful" leaping over to these boys. Hilarious.
Seeing all of these kids together again makes me smile
Can you tell how happy they are to be together again even it is just for the weekend? 
Even better was that it was just in time for Kylies birthday!
A cute group of Garrett's friends danced and several others had younger siblings dancing so there was a huge group of them at the recital. 
It worked out great for Austin and Jessica to be able to see so many of their friends in one place
Sterling, Katie, Pheobe, and their new little man Cedric came down for the day 
We were all excited to meet him for the first time. He miraculously slept through most of the recital!
Afterwards hese boys were all smiles at the prospect of having Dog House for lunch
 These three just wanted out of the hot sunshine 
and luckily the walk was just across the street
The little girls had so much fun being together 
We totally lucked out that Jeff was able to round up 3 tables for our giant group
And even better that they were in the area where they took our orders so there was no standing out in the 97*heat, in a line 30 people long!
I loved catching up with Nan
Paige loved dishing up kisses
 And we loved seeing Brynne so happy 
and we were only halfway through this busy day!

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