Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Warrior

 For those of you who have followed my posts about my friend Brandi, I thought I'd give you an update.
After being home from the hospital for a few weeks she went home to Michigan.  She was without her kids for most of that time, but as soon as school was out they joined her.  She was in and out of the hospital in Michigan but has finally found a doctor that she likes and will continue to see.
 As soon as she was up to it she returned to Clovis where she slowly has started resuming regular activities.  She goes to baseball games and practices and has even traveled out of town.  She even came out on the boat with us the first week of July!
 Last week a few of us girls got together to celebrate her birthday since she was in a coma on her birthday this year.   She is doing so much better, but still feels pretty crummy after meals.  She is able to eat again though, and the nausea is gone so she can start working on gaining weight. 
She just went back to Michigan last week with the kids where she has gone to a Tigers game, a warrior dash that several friends and family ran in, celebrated her mom's birthday, will be attending a party next weekend where all of her family and friends will celebrate her health and continued healing.
She'll be back to Clovis before school starts, where she will continue to call home for at least the foreseeable future, but we all know her heart will remain in Michigan.  She recently opened up a Shutterfly site where she shared pictures and explains her journey in a video.  Click here to watch.  She has fought hard to be here. She's fought to be with her kids. She is still fighting to regain her strength and resume her old routine.  She will get there though, this girl is a real warrior!

Move love and thanks to all of you who have donated to her medical costs, kept her in your prayers, and offered you love and support! 

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