Friday, July 19, 2013

Fourth Festivities

Our 4th of July started with the annual breakfast and flag raising ceremony at the church and then moved out to the lake. the only reasonable place to be when it's muggy and 109* outside! 
My parents and Sterling and Katie and family decided to stay at the house with babies and naps, so we had room for some friends to come play with us.

Most of the day looked a little like this shot below. Whenever we would stop to switch riders or change from tube to surf, to wake boarding, everyone jumped in to cool off.

Tubing was fun with two tubes out there. The kids love jumping back and forth.

or showing off building pyramids
or planking into the other tube

Since everyone assumes that the lake will be crowded on the 4th, no one was there, which meant that there was actually decent water for wake boarding.  We had fun working on our jumping skills.

Jeff had fun creating his own version of wake surfing
There was lots of wrestling and king/queen of the deck going on

And some people got the 5 star treatment! Ouch! I'm not a fan of that game!
When we finally had enough we made it back to my parents house for some awesome BBQ and desserts before we walked over to the stadium for fireworks.
Somehow we all got separated on the walk over and had different ideas about where we wanted to go.  I watched the fireworks with my Drew
my niece Emily and her sweet glow in the dark glasses
and Brynne with her glow in the dark wand and anti picture pose.  But since she decided to stay home and swim at my parents while we were at the lake, this was the only picture I have of her for the whole day!
Still the fireworks were awesome as usual and it was a perfect end to a great holiday!

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