Friday, July 12, 2013


I have no voice. It's been gone for about a week.  A lame cold that I thought I had kicked after a long weekend is still here.  Mostly I've just been alternating between a whisper and a mouse squeak.  It's awesome. Really. Especially when I'm trying to answer questions to people I have hired to to work on the house or attempt to answer the phone.  My family loves it.  I can't boss anyone around.  Even the aggressive clapping I've been doing to get their attention isn't working out. I've tried sleeping like a regular person to kick this thing. I even tried sleeping like a teenager until noon wondering if that would make a difference. Neither one has.  Does sleep even work like that?  Can you really go for a month without sleeping more than 5 hours ever and then just catch up?  Well it's not helping me any.  So here I am on the computer in the middle of the night cause if not sleeping isn't helping then I'm over it.  Maybe I'll never get my voice back. Maybe that would't be such a bad thing.  I have often wished I wouldn't talk so much.  I'm sure a lot of people find my constant chatter annoying. I bet those people wouldn't mind being around me now. Unless they just find me annoying in general, then they're outta luck. Maybe that's why I've posted a million times this week, because I've got so much spinning around in my head without being able to speak my mind and it's overflowing into my little cyber world.  Maybe I'm not quite so annoying if you're only reading my thoughts, at least then you can read them at a bearable volume level instead of my constant loud setting. Anyway enough of me being annoying and loud and currently quiet. Let's move on to my random thoughts.

Summer. I feel like it just barely started, but when I look on my calendar it's pretty much over already.  Why does that always happen?  I feel like I haven't done all the things I want to do, but when I try to figure out when to do them there just isn't time.  I am currently trying to find dates to go hike in Yosemite, or spend the day there riding bikes. I want to spend a few days at a beach house this summer with the kids. I want to spend a day on the lake with the girls from my cabin at camp.  I have no plans for Labor Day.

That one leads me to my next random thought. Why in the world is everyone I know moving to Utah?! If my sister hadn't moved to Utah she'd be here doing these things with me.  I hate that she's gone.  We spent a few days with her and Jason a couple of weeks ago and it was just a reminder of how much life has changed for us since they left.  They are so much fun to do just about anything with.

I think I'll stop this post here before it gets too depressing.  Just gonna wrap up by saying that I need to add some people to my life that want to go play like I do, and they can't have any intentions of leaving town.  I need to make some plans.  I need to drag my sister and her family back home. I need to feel healthy.  It would be nice to be able to talk. Maybe not so much, but a little would be good. And I suppose I need to go to bed.   Goodnight, and hoping for a better tomorrow.

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