Monday, July 8, 2013

Nacho Average Directors

Four years ago as a counselor I tried helping one of the girls with a fake mexican accent. The next thing I knew I was written into their skit script playing Nacho Libre.
The following year they asked for an encore.  I ended up getting up briefly on my own and doing some quick appearance.  Last year as one of the assistant directors I figured I was off the hook since traditionally the directors have just spoofed the senior girls, but I had so many complaints I rummaged up some crazy stretchy pants, a cape and a Mask and got up on stage once again at the last minute.
This year I figured if they were gonna have me get up there again at least I would come prepared.  I ordered the whole stinkin costume.  I was a little worried cause the shirt came complete with nipples!  What the heck?! I decided if I was loaded up with all of the padding that I usually am AND if they weren't in the "correct" place then I'd be okay.  
 I also recruited some help.  I decided if I was stuck with a belly and a bubble butt and stretchy pants, the rest of our presidency could go out on a limb too.  Kirsten dressed as Sister Encarnacion and Sue as Esquelito.  I died when I saw them in costume!
 We laughed so hard at each others costumes, and even harder as we recited our favorite lines from the movie and applied them to funny random things at camp.  We thought we were pretty darn funny.  The problem was trying to figure out a way to roast 21 girls while channeling our "inner Nacho"   It kinda took way too long and was mostly just funny for us and the seniors.  We definitely had more fun getting ready for the performance than we did during.  We were just relieved when it was over!
Skit night at camp is always hysterical though.  This year there were hilarious performances by all of the adult groups and the cabins were some of the most clever we have seen yet.  Jamie Call and Lauren Van Wag were our MC's for the night.  They make everything a party.
Highlights were seeing Kylie VW be me, the certification leaders dancing in their half and half outfits, my 3 senior girls as glow stick figures dancing to Funky Town, and Luci Meyers as Dora the Explorer.   That was hysterical. She will be the one asked for the encore next year and the Nacho suit can be laid to rest.

Adios Chancho, I'm ready to get back into my sweats!

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