Monday, July 8, 2013

Playin' with the Girls

One of my favorite things about girls camp is just playing with the girls!  
I love their energy
their style
their confidence
I love their smiles
their moves
 the way they whip their hair back and forth,
and of course their mad photo bombing skills.
I love that we always get some of the most amazing women to come to camp and the examples they are to these awesome kids!
I love the silliness that happens in the cabins
the way these girls tried to out do each other in random awkward poses
and how it just kept getting better
and better 
and more ridiculous
until we were all almost in tears of laughter
And then the group shots started.  This was supposed to be a family photo were Lauren was "the dad" Brie "the mom" and Jamie and Abby the rascally little kids.
We were all feeling so silly at this point that maybe it was just funny to us
but then this picture happened 
anyone who sees this has to admit its pretty dang funny
and even funnier were all the subsequent attempts to get EVERYONE'S hair in the air. It didn't work. But we all agree that Jamie looks kinda like a zombie in this picture.
 Another night these 11 girls stayed up into the wee hours of morning talking, sharing, laughing and bonding. 
 It's another one of the best parts of camp where lasting friendships are made and strengthened.

 And then they just started trying to see who could make the dumbest face at me
can't decide who won
We ended the night with this picture of Reagan. Ia and Krystal were soooo happy because they said they had made her asian.  "Success!" cried Ia.  I would have to agree.  Camp was a success and the fun times I had with these girls are memories I will cherish.

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