Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Beach Day, Anniversary!

 July 6th is kind of a big deal.
Not only is it the day we got married, it's my moms birthday.  It's also Jeff's mom's birthday.  
So there was no way we were going to be sitting around doing nothin' on that date this year! 
We decided to go to the beach. I've been dying to go since  spring break
Through FB I found out that our friends the Salway's were planning to go to the beach that day too, just trying to decide which one to go to.
So I suggested they go to the same one as us so we could hang out together!

Wes brought Connor to sub for Garrett who was spending the week in Pismo with a friend.

When we got there the Salway's had already done a little digging
okay maybe a lot of digging!

Sterling and Katie came with Katie's brother and their two kiddos

little Cedric gave us some cute smiles
and had ALL of Brynnes attention
Amanda and Kyla
The Salways just layin around
Their cute little man watching the waves
Love that I caught a moment of my dad and Emily's conversation. 
I like this kid. And I think he's pretty cute. I think I'll keep him.
Me just hanging out with Brynne
Jeff serving up hot dogs on the mini BBQ I picked up just before the trip.  
Warm easy food in minutes with pretty much no prep was awesome and totally hit the spot.
By the time we headed out it was a little chilly as usual at our central coast beaches, but we weren't complaining.
It was a great relaxing day and fun to spend it with family and friends
and of course my sugar daddy. Seventeen years of marital bliss. Sweet!

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