Sunday, July 28, 2013


Everybody has at least one of them burried in a box of old photos or with current technology, in an event somewhere in one of your iPhoto folders. But some of them are just way better than others.  Awkward family photos.  There are the lame ones, the silly ones, and then there are those that deserve to be printed en masse so that the rest of the population can laugh along with you, or at you. Either way, there are some that really are too good not to be shared.  Last summer we had the best day in Yosemite with some friends, riding bikes all over the valley.   I did blog about it, but if you missed it and want to see what a perfect day in Yosemite looks like click here, otherwise I ll just give you a little refresher of part of the day.  Brynne was going through a phase where she didn't want to have her picture taken.  In fact she learned a really "great" trick that day where she requested payment for actually looking at the camera and smiling.  The other tactic she used for picture taking was requiring the rest of us to follow her directions for the picture set up.  Needless to say, I have a few ridiculous shots from the day.  One of them prompted the comment that it could even be entered in to the makers of Awkward Family Photos.

 Really?!!! Straddling a post?!  Well two weeks later cute Kylie texted me a picture from a card at Target, someone had already entered their own version of that picture.
 and then I found a few more..
Now I know these pictures are just a bit awkward and maybe ours isn't quite as bad since we aren't wearing coordinating denim, and since Brynne did opt out of the awkward pose she insisted upon, but some of the pictures I've seen from this company have had me in tears!

 I absolutely love seeing the ridiculous settings, outfits, staging, and total seriousness that go into these pictures!  Tonight as I was killing time while downloading new iPhone software onto one of the kids phones, I came across this gem.  I had to share, click on the link below.

Awkward family vacation photos...

Anyway if these don't make you smile, then good luck with the rest of your day!


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