Monday, July 8, 2013

The Kings Court

One of the favorite nights at girls camp is always the first night.
It's a night where we focus on the theme of camp.  We go from station to station in smaller groups and listen to presentations from the girls who will be seniors in the fall.
They share testimony and personal experiences relating to values, goals and trials that the girls are faced with. They offer encouragement and insights they have gained through study and experience. 
It's always amazing to hear from these girls and see their strength and commitment to living higher standards than the world would have us believe is necessary.  
With our fairy tale theme I worked with these girls in planning the activities for each nights activities.  Jamie, Lauren and Abby went from cabin to cabin reading a message from the King requesting each of the princesses attend a gathering of the Royal Court.
The princesses were divided by age and sent by the King on a quest to gather knowledge and experiences that would help them grow and prepare to someday become Queens.  Fairy Godmothers led them to the various stations.  They heard from Lauren and Sophia about how on our journey through life we would make mistakes but that we need not give up hope, we could still return home through the power of the atonement.
Kaitlin, Krystal, Reagan and Francesca talked about how we were all part of a royal army before coming to earth where we fought for our elder brother Jesus' plan of happiness. They encouraged us to regroup the troops here on Earth, to be kind and non judgmental, to reach out to others and be a good friend.
Dominique, Mackenzey, Ia and Shela talked about how just like in the fairy tales we would have to defeat the dragon.  They encouraged the girls not to give in to the temptations of the adversary, making justifications or thinking that we are the exception to the guidelines given.
Jamie, Corrianne, and Allyson talked about how we would also face trials on our journey.  That sometimes these trials seem to leave us broken. Corrianne shared her experience with learning and dealing with her mothers diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Allyson shared her struggles with loneliness.  Jamie shared that while sometimes our trials overwhelm us, if we bring them to our Heavenly Father that we will learn that these trials are sometimes part of making us into something better and more beautiful.  Like how broken pieces of glass may look like just a mess to us but in The Masters hands can be made into beautiful artwork of stained glass.
Ashley, Brie, and Abby talked about how when we are traveling through life there are often forks in the road and how difficult it can be to choose a path, but that choosing the simple path of obedience and righteousness will always lead to happiness, and that we never have to do this alone.
The girls testified that we are all truly princesses of the King of Heaven and Earth.  That it is up to us to write our stories the way that we want them to be read.  The atonement allows for erasing the mistakes written into our stories.  And while we may have hard choices to make, and dragons to defeat, we don't have to do it alone.  Our happily ever after is now! 

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