Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweet Day!!

The Sweetest Comeback In The History of Ever. It's begun, but one of Lauren VW's  statements is perfectly applicable here.  It's not an event it's a lifestyle.  I'm all about that Hostess life! 

I went to Savemart and they had nothin' for me.  I went to find a manager and asked when their Hostess shipment would be arriving.  Ahhh well it just so happened they had a very small shipment that had arrived in the back.  Only a few of the Hostess favorites.  He went into the back and brought them out in a cart and let me take what I wanted before they hit the shelves.  Then he had to enter them into the computers so they'd even ring up in the registers.  I bought all 10 of the 6 packs of Donetts they got and all 6 of the packages of chocolate Cup Cakes, and 2 of their lemon pies (they only received lemon and cherry ones).  Drew had 5 friends with him, Garrett has two and Wes is working at my moms with me and 5 other teenagers, so I am sure they won't last the day.  Still this is a sweet day.

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justjen said...

As a follow up...it's just 5 hours after my purchase and I saved myself just one package of each of the treats, and all that is left is one package of the Donettes and one of the cupcakes.