Monday, July 15, 2013

Forever My Family

Two weeks ago I had this incredible view
and this one just before the plane landed.
We were in Utah and I went straight to my sister Janelle's house to see my youngest two kids for the first time in almost 2 weeks!
Just a few hours later I had this gorgeous view 
We were at the temple to witness the sealing of Tara and Jason and their girls
The sealing was so sweet. I couldn't stop my tears from sneaking out of my eyes though! Tara and Jason are so perfectly matched for each other and it was a real treat to be able to be there to witness this event.
While we waited outside 
We took tons of funny pics to entertain ourselves
We had fun bossing all the boys around and having them do silly stuff
Then it was our turn
The guys weren't too creative
but there was plenty of laughter going on
especially with poses like this one from Janelle who is expecting baby number 7.  Yep, you read that correctly.
We weren't all about segregation during the photo shoot though
The Hankes were in Utah already for an event they were running the next day so they were able to come to the sealing too.

I love this temple it is absolutely gorgeous
I loved the smiles on all of their faces as they came out
and I especially love this picture of Jess! She sure is growing up!
I loved seeing my sister so happy and the way that Jason looks at her
I loved that Kristie was able to be there
I loved that after her traumatic experience after seeing everyone in the sealing room, especially her parents,  little Paigie Pie still climbed into my arms and gave her first smiles and laugh to me.
Then she gave me her cheek cause she knew I was going to ask for it.  I'm always telling her where I'm going to get her next.  I gobble up her perfect little arms and neck and belly and smother her in kisses. I love that girl.
Cute guys in yellow ties
and siblings just happy to be together
I love this picture of my mom and her boys.  The smiles are so genuine and you can see the laughter in the moment.
I love how much fun we have just being together
We realized that it had actually been a few years since all 5 of the Hurd kids had been together.  Seems like at least one of us has been missing from the last few family gatherings.

I love this picture of my mom and Tara.  People have always told me I look like my mom.  I think we are alike in a lot of ways, but looks wise, I think I just got her eye color. Tara has always been told she looks like my dad.  I think she just has his eye color. One look at this picture and you'll have to agree with me, she looks like my mom!
I loved being able to be there for this special day for my sister and her family
Such a happy happy day!
The fun continued as we got sat around together catching up and sharing stories over good food.  Jen and Billy's little Jocelyn has SO MUCH personality and is absolutely hilarious.  I love the picture in the top corner of her and my mom where she is wearing her yellow sunglasses that she kept on the entire meal while she very seriously ate her food.
Laughter continued as we gathered at Billy's house that night.  Peter, the guy who's always up for anything, decided he'd give it a go and balance on uncle Jeff's hands.
We were all just as surprised as they were when they pulled it off!
Saturday was full of shopping and eating and more family fun. Sunday a bunch of us got together and spent the afternoon up in the canyon.  
It is so beautiful up there!
The girls could stay for hours just throwing rocks into the river while the moms chat.
I could have just sat for hours being surrounded by people I love so much.
Several years ago we were all surprised when my aunt Diane moved with her family to Utah.  It has been so sad to see Janelle, then Billy and then Tara leave Clovis with their families and move to Utah as well.  
Luckily for all of them, they live close enough to get together and do things like this on occasion.
The last year has been a rough one for me and the timing of Tara's move made it even worse.  I have often found myself feeling pretty lonely.  Being up there with all of them was so good for me!
As hard as it is to be away from all of them and watching so many friends move to Utah I don't see us ever following suit.  Clovis is were we will stay.
But I realized that home isn't a place, it's just wherever your family is.  I wish we all lived close again.  I wish it was easier to get all of my siblings together, and I wish that if we had to live in these two different states, that we could at least just make Nevada disappear.  None of the above are happening, so instead I'll just be grateful that all these awesome people are part of my family, and families are forever.

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Tawna said...

Jen--tell me about it! What a great post! I am so happy for Tara and Jason; LOVED getting to see so many pictures from that great day. Just wishing I could have been there too, at all of those events! Ohio is even further away, and while I don't want the entire mid-west to disappear so I can come home easier (though, I TOTALLY agree--Nevada should just get squished away or moved to another part of the planet)...I DO wish tickets home were cheaper, so I could come see all you lovely lovely wonderful people! We perty much have the greatest family ever. Miss you guys! Thanks for posting all the great pics. I looooved them. Made me feel so happy today to see you guys. It was like seeing pictures of Whiskeytown. Felt like home with so much of the fam in them.