Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Things vol.2

Good food, good friends and a good book at book club today
Good finds at Home Goods
Great big chalk board to be customized with vinyl and two cute little topiary trees
a bunch of little items that will look so good in Brynne's beach themed bedroom
Good, no amazing, matching skills. Found that throw to match the center pillow in my sun room. That was a good find! For the record the two end pillows are being nixed, that's just good judgement.
Next up was a good surprise. Grandpa and grandma came for a visit and wanted to have some of their favorite good food. Sweet Tomatoes it was!
Good grief was what I thought as I saw how much taller Wes was than Grandma as he hugged her goodbye tonight.
And to wrap things up was good news from Carter! What a good student! So proud of him! 

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