Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just Me and My Little Man

I'd been putting off Drew's request to go to China Peak for several weeks. I couldn't imagine that the conditions would make it worth it to put off my other responsibilities and drive up there.  Today everyone but Drew had somewhere they needed to be. I decided if we just went up for the morning when the conditions would be the best then I could still come back and get things done in the afternoon.
I've never seen the mountain with so little snow! There were more boulders, dirt and shrubs under the lifts  than snow in most of the areas.
Amazingly though on the runs that were open, the snow they had made provided a soft powdery ride! The park on the lower part of the mountain was first to start thawing out and Drew decided to come play with me on the top half.  

He spinned around, jumped and skied faster than I could keep up with.   The Ski Tracks app clocked him at going a max speed of 60.2 miles per hour compared to my 45.9 mph! 
When we finally stopped for lunch,  Drew decided to eat with his pants around his ankles. If it was good enough for the guy at the table next to us, it was good enough for him! The kid makes me laugh! 
I kept laughing as we drove home and he climbed into the back seat to retrieve his goggles to wear in the car to beat the glare of the sun.
Drew was taking tons of pictures on the way home, giving hilarious new lyrics to the songs we heard, and  he even acted out possible scenes from Star Wars. So so funny!! In the special picture above he noticed that he looked just like a thumb. He totally does!!!
This was taken in a moment of complete sarcasm and mockery but Im glad to have one of us together while were were being so goofy.  He probably told me at least 10 times what a great day he'd had.  Being one of the middle kids it's not too often that I have him all to myself.  We had great conversations and laughed the entire time.  His quick wit kept me cracking up and I kept thinking about how lucky I am to have kids that are so dang cool to just hang with.  It wouldn't have mattered how crummy the snow was up there, I wouldn't trade this time I had with my little man for anything.  I am a lucky mama.

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Tawna said...

I just love Drewby-Drew. Sounds like a day welllll spent. :) Love you guys!