Friday, January 24, 2014

Just Like Voting For Pedro

Sometimes having a sweet hook up really pays off
It could put you on the 34th of 36 floors at the Bellagio
In a ridiculous two bedroom suite
complete with a foyer, mini kitchen, dining room, living room and 5 bathrooms
Yes that's right 5! One off the foyer and then each bedroom had his and hers bathrooms. 
One with a large jetted tub and vanity
The other with a shower that doubles as a steam room.
After a workout in the top of the line gym  and lunch at Cafe Rio there's time to see where Chumley and the rest of the Pawn Stars crew spend their days.

The inside of the shop leaves much to be desired and has you wondering where in the heck the rest of the stuff is.
Great shopping at the outlets and then time to get dressed for the night
Dinner at the Circo restaurant overlooking the awesome water show  
and time to hang with my sister
 Limo services to and from the MGM

and third row seating at the David Copperfield show
drinks and treats
and lots of laughs
and then my sister disappeared from the stage in the last illusion of the night.  
Were were all left wondering how in the world Copperfield did the things he did.  The show left us with our mouths hanging open several times, but so had our stay in Vegas so far.  The rooms, the food, the limo, the shows and this was only day one! Jason was right when he said this trip was just like voting for Pedro...all our wildest dreams were coming true!

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