Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm Still Smiling

Some days things just go your way. I had one of those days today.  It started with a run that went way better than I had expected.  It continued with a pedicure and the sweet gal who refused payment for also replacing a broken finger nail.  Then I was able to make all of the post Christmas returns and exchanges for all of my kids.   
I got the best service from the nicest girl at Panera where I went for what has become my weekly fix of french onion soup and a baguette. And I got their last Valentines cookie.  I love those things!
Then I was so excited to find all these super fun colors at Victoria's Secret in their line of sports bras that they only have in the stores about once a year at random times. They are the best!  I also found shirts to match two different skirts I got for Christmas as my shopping continued.
I got such a good laugh at these two pictures I came across on Facebook while waiting to check out at Costco where I finally got what I needed to replenish my pantry.
Don't mind that they wrote your instead of you're, just look at that kids face in the front row and try to keep a straight face I dare you! 
And then my day ended perfectly when three of my kids came home from Utah with my parents tonight.  I've missed them this week! Cute Brynne was exhausted and curled up between her bean bag and her new giant puppy Cocoa and called it a night. I think I'll do the same, I'm exhausted from smiling all day!

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