Thursday, January 2, 2014

Still Hangin' On!

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, something is better than nothing. 
 For this very reason all of my Christmas decorations are still exactly where I put them just a few weeks ago.
For months the house has been like a battle zone. Dusty, dirty and desolate.
With most of the construction projects wrapping up just before Christmas we were able to put up our decorations and get the house feeling merry and bright.
It actually felt cozy and homey when I walked in the door after a long vacation.  Really you can't imagine how nice that was after living the way we have for the last few months.
With Christmas a week past I know it's time to let it go and get these things into storage until next year, but I know that once I do, the house will feel naked and empty again.
It will take a while to find just the right  pieces to decorate each of the rooms so it may be a while before it feels cozy and homey again.
Perhaps Saturday will be the day I will suck it up, take it down, and begin battle with the four starage units I need to sift through in order to complete this move. Perhaps, but until then, I'm still hangin' on to Christmas!

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