Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Win Some and You Loose Some

Totally thought that filling Wes' request for some homemade baked Mac n' cheese would be a win.  That was before that distracted moment when I grabbed the wrong canister from the cupboard and instead of adding flour to the sauce, added POWDERED SUGAR!!!! Of course this was after I had already doubled the recipe. 
What should have been a full, creamy, cheesy sauce turned out to be thin and sweet.  We realized this after the whole dish was made and we snitched a bite just prior to putting it into the oven.  I went to the cupboard where the canisters are and looked inside.  Two canisters side by side full of powdery white and I knew instantly what had happened.  We added more seasonings and a dash of salt to no avail.  Brynne said she only let her "taste bugs" eat it by setting in on her tongue.  The verdict was that it was gross and tasteless and so she wasn't going to eat it the rest of the way by swallowing.  The food was dumped back into the dish.
And then I fed it to my sink.  A win for the sink and a loss for me. But wait not quite a loss, the old standby Kraft made an appearance and tied up the game.
On a happier note we finally organized, packed and labeled all of our Christmas decorations.  We loaded them into the back of my dad's trailer and brought them to storage.  We completely emptied this unit (one of five...shhhhh don't tell, its a bit embarrassing) and determined to put all of the Christmas decorations, indoor and out, into this one space.  My dad was sure it wouldn't fit.  My mom only hoped it would.  I think they forgot that I am the Tetris master!  The unit is stacked floor to ceiling all the way back with just an inch to spare at the front, but it's all there.  Aside from the fact that I am sporting a purple lump on my forehead I'm still counting this as a win, and calling it a wrap while I'm still ahead!

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