Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little Sister

Thirty six years ago this beautiful sister of mine came into the world.  When we were little she was sassy and stubborn, and so dang cute.  The neighbors used to come borrow her to entertain their guests.  When we were teenagers she let me try out my hair cutting skills. She didn't even hate me when it went from a bob to just plain bad and mom had to come even things out and her hair barely went past her cheekbones.   She's been raiding my closet and teaching me about make up since our early teens.   She is my biggest cheerleader and strongest support. She's the one I call when things are really bad or super good. She's a planner and a scheduler and I'm spontaneous and can't stick to a schedule to save my life.  When she's mad she wants to immediately talk right through it and can't let it rest until she does. When I'm mad I need time to process and cool down and I'll avoid confrontation if at all possible. I like to read books while she prefers magazines.  Tara always says it just like it is, and I like things delivered gently. She's the yin to my yang. My little sister and my best friend. Happy birthday Tara Michelle, I Love you!

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