Monday, January 13, 2014


My moms side of the family goes way back in Heber Utah. While we were staying at a cabin between Provo and Heber after Christmas we decided to all go over to the cemetery where my maternal grandmothers family is buried for generations upon generations
We searched through the snow until we found James Heber Moulton who also happens to be Kirsten Greenlaws great great grandfather too.  Tombstone Wes and I are standing next to shows Kirstens great grandmother at the top Euphemia Lucretia Smith and my great grandmother, her youngest sister Ida May Gardner. 
It was really cool for so many of us to visit there together and talk to the kids about their heritage.
And if there wasn't enough snow and ice at the cemetery, we headed over to Midway for more! Some of us went to the ice castle there.
None of us knew quite what to expect.
We were there just at the end of the day and the way the sun light came through all the ice made everything so pretty!
The whole thing is just some money making venture somebody had and is pretty manufactured,
 but once you get inside and wander through the various tunnels and arches its pretty unbelievable. 
I mean seriously look at all of that!
Check out the pattern there behind my dad and Brynne
I loved wandering through here
I followed behind Janelle 
My dad kept Brynne on his shoulders

After having seen Frozen twice in the theaters Brynne thought this was pretty amazing.

By the time we had seen the whole thing, my feet were popsicles!

I wasn't the only one who was a bit chilly!

Ashlyn even comandered Tara's coat!
but still it was totally worth it!
We all had a great time!
The boys decided they weren't all about that Castle life and opted for some ice skating right next door.
Peter went skating with the boys and Lauren and Maddie
Wes loves pushing himself to see what he can do
so of course he was jumping
and turning
he landed sometimes but not always!
They raced around

Goofed off

These kids all LOVED being together!!
It was such a beautiful day
And a perfect way to wrap up our time together!

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