Friday, January 10, 2014

Let it Snow!

I'm all for fun and games. Forks, toilet paper and cotton balls are all fair game. There are just a few rules that must be followed without exception. First and foremost the victims must be friends, someone you like. There can be no malicious intent. In that same vein and lumped into this first rule is that you can't use anything that could possibly do real damage or take forever to clean like doing it on a night you know it's going to rain, or use confetti, eggs, syrup or the like.  Rule number two is that  I have to know the parents well enough to know they aren't going to flip out, press charges, or try to fight you.  And the third rule is that if you get caught you MUST stay and help clean up every single scrap. So yeah we're game, go ahead, come and cotton ball us, just know we're ALL in baby!!

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