Monday, January 27, 2014

Out on the Town

After  racing at the track in the morning followed by massages at the Bellagio spa we were ready for a night out on the town!
We had dinner at Craft Steaks at the MGM.  And while it was a great steakhouse, the rolls there knocked my socks off.
After diner we had VIP tickets to Nitro Circus!
 Jeff and Jason were sooo excited to be there.
I had no idea though what to expect. 
What I saw, blew my mind and gave me goosbumps!
The stunts these kids were doing on motorbikes, BMX bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters were CRAZY!! 
 At one point I realized that not only was my mouth wide open but my hands were on my cheeks.  I looked kinda like that kid on Home Alone, but I just couldn't get over the stunts!
The second that show was wrapping up we had a car pick us up so that we could race over to our second show of the night!
 We were a little late but were so glad we made it over the the Michael Jackson Cirque show!
 I hadn't been to any of the Cirque d' Soleil shows before and I was in awe of all the imagery and lights and color and the dancing. Wow!
When we finished Tara was anxious to show me more of the strip that I hadn't seen yet.  I really hadn't spent much time there before this. 
We wandered through the canal street shops 
 It was fun to see such amazing replicas of Venice
 I loved how the sky inside was so realistic too.  Such a cool setting for great shopping!
 Eventually we made it back to our hotel where they have completely decked the gardens out to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 
 Apparently this year is the year of the horse 
 By the time we settled in at a table for some dessert, Jason expressed it best by saying we were on a sensory overload. It was so true!
We had the adrenaline rush of the racing, the relaxing of the massage, the exquisite food, the craziness of Nitro Circus and then the dancing and imagery of the Cirque show and then feeling like we wandered through different countries and different time periods as we toured some of the places on the strip. It was unbelievable that we had fit so much into one day, well only sort of since technically it was the  next day at 4 am when we finally called it a night. But oh what a night!
As we left our sweet suite and the hotel for the last time on Sunday, Jason casually said, "Okay so... we'll meet you guys here next weekend!"  Ahhh wouldn't it be nice!

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