Thursday, March 14, 2013


Should you ever happen to be cruising along H2 on Oahu, with an hour to spare take a quick stop off at the Dole Plantation

It turns out the worlds largest maze is right there on the grounds
For a nominal fee of just $6 you can compete with your family and friends to see who really has the strongest competitive drive, the fastest legs, and the best sense of direction. 
 You'll need to decide if you're gonna fly solo or take the team approach
 And then there's the big debate of whether or not it's okay to use the map.  The purist group says no way, and the intellectuals say of course it's not cheating, why else would they give it to us? And then there are those of us who are Switzerland, who don't care how you get it done, just do it!
 Get your intimidating war faces on,  enter you ticket into the time stamp machine and then game on!
If you finish so far ahead of everyone else there may be a bit of  time to rest your weary legs, but whatever you do, don't leave yet!
No trip to the Dole plantation is complete without sampling one of their claims to fame, the pineapple whip ice cream cone.
 It really is that good!
So the next time you're heading for the North Shore and need to stretch your legs, stop at Dole for an a-maz-ing treat!

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