Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Trip of 2013

 We didn't waste any time getting the new year going. Literally.  January 1, 2013 we set off on a road trip to Temecula Ca. 
 Brynne was serious about getting some sleep on the 5.5 hour journey.  Pajamas, fuzzy blanket, giant stuffed dog, and a princess eye mask and nothing could stop that girl from catching some z's!
We were all excited to see Jeff's brother Brad and his family who had moved to California just two months earlier.
They moved to Texas right after we were married and then to New Mexico a few years ago.  This was the first time in 16 years we had ever been to their house!
These cousins have spent just a few days together every few years.
 Jeff has been trying to convince Brad and his clan to move out this way for as long as I can remember.  
I almost didn't believe him when he told me it was finally happening!

Brad's wife Camille is awesome and every time we get together with them we wish we could spend a few days more.  
Their kids match up in age pretty well to ours, and they all had a blast together!  They played card games, and shared music, books and videos with each other.  Dallin is a Rubik's Cube master and taught the boys some fun tricks.
The best little perk to visiting these guys when we did was that Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Teddy were there visiting too!  
 Little Brynne wanted to be where ever Grandpa Teddy was. It was so sweet to watch them interacting.
 We had fun going to a local park, out to eat, and just hanging out around the house.  
 By the time we had to leave they had all gotten pretty comfortable with each other. 
 Comfortable enough to be silly, and comfortable enough to climb all over each other.
We are thrilled to no longer be the only California Bohn's in the family and that Ted and Sherry have another good reason to make it out to visit our sunny state.
When it was time to leave and all the kids were buckled into the car, Brynne said, "Oh great now we have to drive all the way back to Clovis! Ain't nobody got time for dat!"  It's true, the drive isn't the shortest, but it's way better than living two states away.  We'll take it! 

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