Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ghetto Gourmet

When someone tells you lunch will be served from the shuttle bus/ graffiti wall on the side of the road, the warning bells start to ring. Or at least they should.
When the only sign letting you know you've reached your desired destination is a beaten, weathered slab of plywood with the name spray painted on with a template, you ought to be at least a little concerned. Especially when the only thing it's anchored to is the back of a pickup who's condition would make even an elementary school child cringe to be picked up from school in.
The the semi professional look and permanence of the graphics on the surf board might ease your mind a bit.  The line that goes the length of the pavilion  is also reassuring.
But even still some of your party may opt out and just go for the less than sketchy, always desirable shave ice instead.
When you get a good look at the front grill, you wonder how anything inside that mobile might possibly still be functioning. 
Why is it that the best tacos always come from the little taco trucks or hole in the wall restaurants? In the islands, apparently the best shrimp comes from these same kind of traveling food stands.
Over 1100 reviews on Yelp and several recommendations from friends don't usually lead you astray, so you order the scampi.  It comes out full of garlic-y buttery declicious-ness, and you won't be sad you came! Promise. This my friends is Ghetto Gourmet!

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