Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Raining It's Pouring...

 Yes I know it rains in Hawaii. Regularly even, but it started pouring bucket loads of rain in afternoon about an hour after we arrived and was still coming down like that when we woke up the next day.
The crazy thing was that the weather stations still were listing the weather as clear or with some clouds as the current weather for hours into the storm.  When it finally updated the weeks forecast changed drastically too.  Rain was predicted for most every day until we leave!
We had planned to go to Pearl Harbor after church, but two days before we left they sent us an email stating that due to the sequester, there wouldn't be any tours durning the hours that our reservations had been for, but they'd be happy to reschedule. 
  We decided to head there and see what we could do, but en route, in the middle of a huge downpour, we lost power in our car.  It came back and then went out again.  Off and on, off and eventually on.  We decided a stop back at Enterprise was going to be necessary. We were thrilled.
 By the time that was all sorted out, we got word from the Skinners that they were closed up for the day  due to the sequester.  What to do while on vacation in Hawaii when even driving on the freeway seems too wet and dangerous?
We ended up watching The Great and Powerful Oz, darling family movie, by the way, and then back to the resort.
There was a quick break in the weather and everything looked so lush and beautiful.
It made everything look better and brighter.  I could even handle Jeff's teasing with a smile.
 It didn't last though. Before long the rain was coming down again.
 We decided it would be a perfect time to make use of the resort's ping pong table!
 A few games of around the world had everyone happy and laughing.
 Even the cute little girls got in on the action
 And these boys started bonding...I have to say they are pretty darn funny with each other!
 At the next break in the weather we set off  for a walk
We wandered around the resort and then down to the water
 The sun was just setting and  the clouds were so gorgeous
 The water was like a magnet drawing the kids straight to its edges, daring the waves to catch them
Sometimes it did.  I love the epressions on their faces that I captured in this shot
 A few of us played it safe and stayed up on drier ground
But the rest weren't afraid of getting our pants wet.  And it's a good thing, because most of us did!
One thing was clear by the days end.  Raining or pouring, sunshine or clouds, when you're in Hawaii, every day is a good day.  

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