Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sometimes You Hit And Sometimes You Miss

Baseball opening day was a hit at Chukchansi Park last Saturday!
 What little boy wouldn't want to play ball in a professional stadium like this?!  
 Drew is excited about his coaches and team this year and is looking forward to a great season.  Not everything has been a "hit" with Drew lately though.  Just last week he had a major "miss". 
Drew has been known to sleep walk for years.  Regularly he ends up trying to relieve himself in places other than the bathroom.  Last week Wes woke up as Drew left the room in the middle of the night, presumably to use the restroom.  After Drew had climbed back into bed Wes heard the faucet still dripping.  When he got up to take care of it, the faucet was already off, but he still heard the dripping.  He was looking around to see where it was coming from when he heard Shelby whimpering from her crate in the hallway.  He walked over to talk to her and realized where the dripping was coming from.  Drew had walked out into the hall and peed all over Shelby and her crate and then climbed right back into bed!!! Poor Shelby!  Wes took the crate out and hosed it off and then gave Shelby a bath, all at 3 a.m.!! He is a rockstar in my book for that one!  Drew on the other hand just died the next morning when we informed him of his sleepwalking antics.  Definitely missed the toilet on that one Drew!  
 It's okay buddy, sometimes you hit, and sometimes you miss! It's just part of the game called life!  

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