Friday, March 22, 2013


 Reality check...It's Monday. I'm still in bed at 11:30.  Not all of my kids made it to school today. I have a shiner...that I gave to myself.  Awesome.

This was my post on Instagram  5 days ago.  The stinking thing is still there!  Just as dark as Monday!  I keep forgetting its there until I go out in public and people give me funny looks, then I remember.  And when I see my face in the mirror it just looks messy to me.  Messy like a messy kitchen,  only this mess is on my face and I can't clean it up and put it away.  I've worn a hat every day this week except for yesterday.  

I'm sure you're wondering what happened if you haven't bumped into me and asked already.  I'll share that part of my Instagram post too.  I got in a fight with a door.  I pushed it pretty hard and it pushed back even harder. Right back into my cheekbone.  My recommendation is that you know exactly what the limitations of the door are, like how far it actually opens, before you start pushing it around. Just sayin'!  

So I've learned my lesson, don't think you can just go around pushing on doors, I get it. What I want to know now is how long do these lovelies usually last, cause I'm totally over it! 

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