Sunday, March 3, 2013

Creative Cuties

This is Brynne and her bestie Clara. These two girls can play together all weekend long and still be upset when they are finally separated. Brynne was on a mission for several months to convince one of our neighbors to move and for the McCauley's to buy their house.  She called and texted Haley to talk to her about this very regularly for several months.  Then, about a year ago she did her best to try to convince Aaron and Haley that Clara should be in our family and move in with us, but she'd let them see her any time!  I think that campaign lasted at least 6 months.  Genuine tears were shed when she finally accepted that this was just not going to happen.
When Clara comes to our house they like to play barbies, or will set up a little school with tables and chairs and make books and crafts for each other.  Last week these two decided our front yard was in need of some sprucing up.  Naturally the sidewalk chalk came out and they set about their task.
 Brynne was so proud of their art work and couldn't wait to show me what they'd done. The message on our porch read, "family love will never break in loveland families can be together forever.  There were little dashes leading up the driveway with a beginning point marked with a heart that read, "This way to loveland"
 Brynne was so proud of her cupid with the arrow
 And Clara was so sweet in her little message to Brynne
Normally having all this writing on my porch and driveway would make be batty.  All the coloring would make me twitch as much as a mess in the living room, but little Brynne was so proud of all of it that I am still sucking it up a week later... I have to admit though that there is a little part of me thats kinda gloating about the fact that I am certain it's driving my neighbor across the street even crazier than me, and that alone is reason enough to leave it!
Luckily this weekend the girls didn't suggest adding to their artwork but decided upon a lemonade stand similar to the one I got a picture of this summer above.  Can you believe they were begging to go selling their goods door to door?  When these creative cuties get together I never know what the day will bring, but it always makes my heart happy to know my daughter has such a sweet best friend!

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