Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Spring...Ready, Break!

Yep we just got back from a super fun vacation, but the kids got out for spring break on Friday, so we thought we'd celebrate with a ski weekend in Tahoe!
The Greenlaw and McCauley families joined us for the fun.  Our season passes at China Peak entitle us to 10 days of skiing at Sierra at Tahoe and the kids were anxious to ski at what Kirsten's kids were calling, "a real resort".
Sierra at Tahoe got just about a foot of snow two days before we came and was followed by a few warm sunshiny days which we were happy to take advantage of.
Brynne is just barely learning to ski using a harness and usually gets pretty tuckered out fairly early on, but she really loves to ski. I was a little anxious about how it would work out with her. 
Jeff took her for the first half of the day and worked with her on the bunny hill while I played with the boys and Greenlaws on the West Bowl.  When the McCauleys got there they had Peyton in a harness as well and Brynne wanted to be with Clara so they were able to all stick together on the 2.5 mile Sugar and Spice green run.  Brynne LOVED it!
We all met up on the top deck for lunch in the sunshine.
There was a group of people with loud clothes and louder personalities dancing to a DJ right behind us.   Check out the sweet photo bomber just behind the railing!
Just beyond this pic of the Greenlaw fam you can see some of the crazy costumes these guys were wearing.  Luckily they were quite friendly and provided us with great lunchtime entertainment. 
As usually happens with Jeff around, he started daring the kids to go up there and dance with the only two chicks that were dancing to the DJ.  Drew and Noah finally took him up on the offer, and then they egged me on to go join them.  They thought I wouldn't, but I did.  Then the party really got started and everyone came out dancing! Corey even brought Aidan out to me and told me to get Aidan grooving.  Why is it always so much fun to just act like an idiot for a few minutes every now and then?  
With the entertainment over, Wes and Aaron were ready to get back out to the slopes.
After I showed the guys a really fun run I had found, Haley and I took the little girls and sent Aaron and Jeff off with the boys.
Corey got some great pictures of my big boys catching some serious air at one of the parks
Garrett's clavicle was supposed to be healed 6 weeks after he broke it.  This ski trip was 2 days before that 6 week mark.  I was nervous about him hurting it again, but it seemed like he was boarding better than he ever has.
I couldn't believe how high he was jumping and he was landing everything. It looked like he wasn't trying anything outside of his comfort zone and eventually I relaxed.
Watching Wes has always scared me as much as impressed me.  He is good on his board.  He flies fast and high.  The day Garrett broke his clavicle I put my foot down and told Wes I was done taking my chances with his head.  He would be getting a helmet and wearing it no matter what.
As I was skiing pretty fast down a run earlier in the day Wes came down and blew past me so fast he was a blur.  Seeing that helmet on his head for the first time made me feel sooo much better.
Brynne had been begging Jeff to let her stop and make a snow angel and he had told her as soon as she was done skiing for the day she could.  I was glad I was with her when she was done because otherwise I would have missed her giggling and darling grin as she made her first ever snow angel.  I have no idea why she had never made one before or why the idea had come to her now, but it was so dang cute!
Everyone skied until the very last moment they could, some sneaking on to the lift at 3:57.  It was a good day and we all wished we could stay for a few more! I had everyone come out to the sign for a group picture , but I was't very clear and the Greenlaw clan ended up at a sign half a mile away, and by the time we figured that out our phones were dead and the McCauley's were gone.  So this was as good as it got for our big group picture!
We went out and did a little shopping before dinner that night.  Here are two cute girls wearing cute new coats we found at one of the shops!
I'm sure our waitress was a little overwhelmed when she saw that the group with the dinner reservation for 18, yes thats right 18, was 2/3 kids!!
But hey at least they were cute kids!
By the time we left Chevy's we were all so full of chips and salsa
some people couldn't even walk out on their own.
And those who could still walk had other issues...  
We were all a bit delirious and totally exhausted
 When we got back to the house we decided delirious was a good state to be in when playing reverse charades and started up a game
Bohns against the Greenlaws
They may have beat us, twice, but I have the best set of blackmail pictures you can imagine! These were the nice ones... This game has provided me with some of the best laughs in the last few months!
The next day after church we laughed at all the teenaged boys so wrapped up in their phones
Brynne begged to stay another few days
We all decided this was something we would definitely be doing again next year!
Such a great way to start off spring break!

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Carie said...

I am jealous of:
1) Mountains
2) Skiing
3) Anyone who gets to party with the Bohns.

Looks like another fantastic trip!

P.S. Love Garret's bow tie!