Sunday, March 24, 2013


More than a little tired with just a few hours of sleep the night before we boarded our plane at 7:30 Saturday morning.  We texted this picture to the Skinners letting them know that we were soooo not ready in Korea!
We took off right on time, but just 10 minutes into the flight the captain's voice came through the speakers letting us know that one of the planes engines was not working properly.  We would be returning to Honolulu. 
 Eventually we were directed to get off of the plane but to stay in the terminal.
We were all so exhausted but only Garrett found a great window seat to curl up and nap in!
  Every 15 minutes or so someone would come out and make an announcement that they didn't know anything yet, but they would keep us updated.  Then we'd wait a while longer for yet another update that there was still nothing to update.
 After a few hours they announced that they would be giving each passenger $16 to get lunch with. 
 To me this was a clear sign that they didn't plan on us leaving any time soon.  What a waste of a perfectly good Saturday in Hawaii, to spend it sitting inside an airport terminal!
Finally just after 1pm they let us know that a relief plane was being sent from Las Vegas.  They would be arriving to pick us up at 9:15pm.  We promptly picked up our luggage, and then returned to Enterprise for a rental car.  Before 2 o'clock we were back at the Marriott in Ko Olina on our lovely little beach.
 Allegiant air was giving each passenger a credit worth another round trip ticket to Hawaii.  We had just gotten ourselves an extra 8 hours in Hawaii.  The time wasted in the airport wasn't the best and I truly could have used more than 2 hours of sleep, but in the end, I think we came out on top!
Because really, how could anyone be mad when they are stuck in their swimsuit on a beach like this one?
 Or playing in a pool like this one?
And really, reading my book and taking a nap here is definitely not anything to complain about.
 We wandered along our little beach one last time. 
 And enjoyed one last Hawaiian sunset
By the time we were finally back on the plane ready for round two of take of we were finally ready in Korea.  Home was calling.  Brynne asked if we could text this pic to Carie and tell her peace out Hawaii, we are ready in Korea!
 We had originally wanted to stay in Hawaii until Sunday or even Monday, but Allegiant air only flew back into Fresno on Fridays.  After a bit of research, I discovered that we could stay until Saturday if we took a returning flight into Santa Maria, about 3 hours south of Fresno.  I decided an extra day in Hawaii was worth the $90 car rental fee and the 3 hour drive home to Fresno once we had landed.  
 But back then the plan was for us to land in Santa Maria at 3:30 pm on Saturday afternoon.  With the delay that give us the extra 8 hours in Hawaii, we were now landing in Santa Maria at 4:30 am and I was still going on 2 hours of sleep from the night before.  I hadn't slept on the plane because the seats don't recline and Brynne was laying across my lap.
 Needless to say, everyone slept the entire 3 hour drive home.  Well actually, only the people who had also had an entire row to themselves to sleep across on the 4.5 hour flight.  Those guys were exhausted. I was simply delirious.  Perhaps thats why by the time we actually arrived home at 9:30 Sunday morning  I was so overcome with joy at seeing my bed that I couldn't even remember how sad I was that our awesome vacation was actually over.  
Looking back at the whole ordeal, I've got to admit, this is one of the few times that, with all things considered, getting grounded ended up being a good thing!

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Aaron and Devon said...

Looks like it was a wonderful family vacation. I don't think I would mind being grounded either in this case :)